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Of all the places to mine gold in the world, Alaska is the most beautiful. Not only is it the richest state for natural resources, it is also the largest state in the Union. It is more than twice the size of Texas and a great deal of which has never been stepped foot on by humans, which makes it a pristine place for mining gold. It is also one of the few states left in which the state pro-actively supports mining.

This is your opportunity to own up to 2880 acres of gold mining rights (72-40 acre Alaska State Mining claims). Estimated reserves are in excess of $3.5 billion. Good tests results performed by St. Joes Mineral and Union Carbide. The site is located just 65 miles NW of Anchorage. It is located along a major river not only teaming with gold but also 3 major species of Salmon and has great hunting. It includes an airstrip and several rustic mining cabins and a Gold Mine Tourist Camp. Sell all or part or trade for aircraft(s) or real estate. To view the Geologists report, summary or pictures click on the corresponding link.

Price, $3.75 Million US

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Dan Freitas